Introduction of KSA
CEO Greetings
Purpose of establishment
History of KSA
Current Status of KSA
Major Services of KSA
KSA’s Major Overseas Clients
KSA’s Major Domestic Clients
Major Services of KSA
KSA is a company partner for improving competitiveness. KSA has been behind Korean companies’ quality management and the high quality products of Korea.
KSA hosts the Korea National Quality Management Convention, Korea Service Grand Prix, and National Quality Circles Competition, etc., contributing to the advancement of Korean companies. KSA knows Korean companies best.
01.Training & Education
- CEO Academy
- Management Strategy (Management Strategy, Leadership, Creativity, Marketing)
- Quality Management
- Production Management Innovation (Production Management, TPS, Cost, Logistics, R&D)
- TPM & Facility Maintenance
- Six Sigma, Reliability Technology Management
- Standards System (ISO), Behavior Innovations
- New KS Certification (Plant & Product Evaluation)
- Follow-Up Management of Certified Companies (Regular Evaluation/Product Evaluation, etc)
- Registering Formal Objections to KS-Certified Products
- Registering Reports of Change by KS-Certified Companies
- Establishing One Stop Comprehensive Certification Service for Clients’ Various Demands for Certification.
03.Global Cooperation
- Overseas Training for Korean Trainees (ASQ, EOQ, APQO, ICQCC, etc)
- Education & Training for Foreign Trainees
- Holding International Conferences
- Interchanging & Cooperating with International Organizations for Standardization & Quality Management
- ASQ Certification (CQE, CRE, etc)
04.Industrial Standards Research
- Standards Research – Building Foundations for Standardization, Standards R&D
- Global Cooperation- Responses to ISO/IEC and Support for International Standardization, Cooperating with APEC, ASEM and Northeast Asian Countries for Standardization
- Promoting Standardization- Standards Day, Standards Paper Competition, Standards Public Education, University Lectures on Standardization, Standards HR Pool..
- Standards of Private Sector -International Standardization Forum, Organization Standards, Overseas Organization Standards DB
05.National Quality Award / Korea Service Quality Index
- Running the Korea National Quality Award Program according to the Quality Management And Safety Control of Industrial Products Act.
- Running Exchange Gathering & Research Society for Quality Management
- Supporting Quality Management Promotion Headquarters, Quality Circles, Academic Societies, etc.
- Korea Service Quality Index, Korea Service Grand Prix
- Operating the Korean Innovation Frontier Award, Korean LOHAS Certification, Top Prestige Brand Certification, KSA Authorized Excellence Product, Certification of Companies with High Quality Competitiveness, etc.
06.Domestic & Overseas Standards Research
- Selling Approx. 20,000 Kinds of KS Standards in the 16 Areas of Korea Industrial Standards (KS)
- Providing Original Texts of Around 1,400 Judging Criteria for KS Certification
- KS, ISO, IEC Standards Web Service
- Purchasing International Standards (e.g. ISO, IEC), National Standards (e.g. JIS, ANSI, BS) and Around 150,000 Other Standards/ Providing Related Information.
- Providing Information of Standards-Related Regulations