Korea Benchmarking
Korea Benchmarking with KSA
The Traces of Korean Companies’ History
Characteristics of Korean Industries
Korea’s Key Industries and Leading Companies
Regional Specialization/Industrial Concentration
Korea Benchmarking with KSA
KSA Korea Benchmarking has been prepared for you, with the goal of your personal development and growth.
KSA Korea Benchmarking provides opportunities for you to accumulate specialized knowledge in order to become an expert equipped with international competitiveness in the era of globalization. KSA benchmarking will enable you to run diverse programs and apply them effectively.
By learning the advanced management theories and practices of leading Korean companies through hands-on experience, you will have an opportunity to understand their management philosophies and innovations. You will also enhance your understanding of the companies’ management philosophies as well as innovations by experiencing the infrastructure of the Korean society that helps companies grow successfully. In addition, the program will help you predict the future of business and establish response strategies, enabling you to prepare for any future risks and move ahead of other companies. KSA’s Korea Benchmarking will expand your personal potential as well as provide you with a broader perspective to look at the industry and the world. We hope that through our program, you will transform yourself as a core employee to facilitate your company’s growth as well as your own.
KSA Process of Training
KSA Benchmarking aims beyond a mere business field trip. Rather, its process involves three major steps: comprehensive understanding of objects to benchmark against, hands-on experience, and application in actual workplace situations. The culture of a company is formed based on the culture of the society that it belongs to. The expert-led, hands-on experiences of the local culture and infrastructure will enable an accurate understanding of the foundation that has made possible the existence of leading Korean companies. What matters most in benchmarking training is to select an institution that suits your purpose. With extensive experience and know-how in managing the Korea benchmarking program, KSF can select companies and institutions that best serve the needs of clients and help you benchmark yourself against the right company. KSA Global benchmarking does not end with the end of the program. The ultimate aim of KSA Korea benchmarking is to help you effectively apply what you experience and feel in the training to actual business practices.

Korea Benchmarking, Be Prepared with KSA.