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The Traces of Korean Companies’ History
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The Traces of Korean Companies’ History
Modernization of Korea: A Process of Miracle – Korea’s Industrial Competitiveness in the World
Like most countries, Korea was left behind in modernization. Korea started from the ashes, gaining independence and seeing the country divided in 1945, before experiencing the Korean War in 1950. Korea’s economic transformation, called “the Miracle on the Han River“, happened at an unprecedented speed.
History is a bridge connecting the past with the future, not merely a time in the past or a written record. We see the present and prepare for the future by looking at the past. From the past we are able to learn how our forefathers gained competitiveness through overcoming the hardships of a given period and how they achieved successful outcomes. Living in this era of limitless global competition, we should look beyond the history of a single nation to world history for lessons. A period like the Warring States Period can appear in any country or in any time period, but those who wisely overcame hardship survived. We want to share the history and stories of such survivors.

Now we make our own history on the stage of the world. History is not a written record, but a dynamic stream and spirit. For this reason, it would be most effective to learn history directly from the culture and people that shaped it. This is what led KSA to prepare the Korea Benchmarking program. You can witness the fields and foundation and culture and innovations of companies that are writing their own history in various parts of the world and, through such new experiences, you will also be able to find solutions to make a new history. In this rapidly changing era of globalization, we hope that you will make a history of the world ahead of others with KSA Korea Benchmarking. We welcome your visit to Korea.