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Themes Program
Korea is a creative country. According to the 2015 World Competitiveness Yearbook (IMD), Korea ranked 7th among Group of 20 (G20) countries. Highly ranked areas include: ▲National Economy (12th)▲Technological Infrastructure (13th) ▲Employment (6th) and ▲Scientific Infrastructure (6th). The Korean government attributed the rise in rankings to aggressive economic reform measures and sound macroeconomic policies that brought about relatively superior economic performance. “Korea’s economic development is attributed to the cooperation between the government and the private sector to find Korea’s comparative advantages and advance them” and “The government and private sector are trying to cope with the external effects of innovation and economic coordination.”
Korean companies have overcome their crises through diverse business innovations. The world-renowned Samsung Electronics attained the present status through persistent and aggressive innovations based on 3P (Product, Process, and People). The car maker Hyundai is advancing itself as a global automaker by improving quality, strengthening customer services before and after sales, and developing products that appeal to customers. In addition, small and mid-sized companies’ cooperation was essential to large-scale companies’ success. We benchmark the management innovations and philosophies of Korean companies that have overcome crises and are now leading in the global markets. We will visit Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motors, SK hynix and Innovative Small and Medium Sized Companies
Samsung Everland, a representative theme park in Korea, defined its service philosophy as ‘Design Happiness.’ “Design Happiness’ means happiness-makers as the company defines the values it provides for customers as ‘happiness’ and expresses its creative practice as ‘design’. In addition, KSA has defined the concept of service quality and established KS-SQI (Korean Standard-Service Quality Index) and select and announce companies that have achieved excellent service management performance. WE will visit SK telecom, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Shinsegae, Shinhan Life Insurance, GS Retail, Hyundai Department Store, etc
Marketing & Brand
A well-made brand builds solid relationships with customers. Leading Korean companies built their brand assets that garner world recognition through successful management of their brands. Korea’s great brand management is performed not only by companies but also on the level of provincial governments. Korea’s different regions have well developed products unique to them. Each region turns its unique products into brands and conducts marketing for them. We will visit organizations that have built stable brand assets and benchmark their effective process of establishing brand strategies. We will visit Amore Pacific, CJ, Jinro Soju, Paris Baguette, CGV, Pulmuwon, Shinla Hotel, etc
Customized Benchmarking program
In addition to regular company visits or infrastructure experience, we design programs by themes according to the needs of our customers, providing them with opportunities to visit various companies and organizations, to experience infrastructure, and thereby to achieve personal development ♣ Cultural Business – Hallyu business and cultural industry seen through visits to SM Entertainment, CJ E&M, etc. ♣ Silver, Welfare industry – Health care, well being, well being goods manufacturers, related institutions, etc.
Public Organizations and Local Self-Governments
Korea also has a local government system. There are many cases where local governments implement distinct local projects and collaborate with the private sector to improve living conditions and the quality of life. We will provide customized programs that reflect distinct features of each local government and public organization, which will enable effective benchmarking. (ex> We will visit various public institutions- e.g. Center for Creative Economy and Innovation)- and present case studies e.g. development of Sejong as Korea’s practical administrative capital, specialized regional businesses of Gyeonggi Province, Songdo international city development project of Incheon)
Silver & Welfare
As Korean society moves past the developmental phase and becomes an aged society, Korea is committed to establishing a basic livelihood protection program, policies, and facilities, etc. Korea is spending 11.6% of GDP on social welfare. Also, Korea is developing and supporting various silver/welfare products. We will visit relevant institutions to benchmark silver/welfare industry facilities and policies of Korea, which aim to embody a welfare nation for the improvement of the quality of life, and the efforts of local governments We will visit nursing homes and social welfare facilities including Dongjak Welfare Center, Seoul; Ilsan Senior Citizens’ Welfare Center, Giheung Silvertown, Jongno Women Resources Development Center, etc.
Urban Development
Cheonggyecheon Stream, Yongsan, China Town (Incheon), Songdo International City are the results of planned urban restoration and development. They provide a pleasant city environment for urban people and attract many tourists by taking advantage of the old buildings and beautiful surroundings of the city. We benchmark relevant urban development institutions for their development and application. We will visit Korea Land & Housing Corp., SH Corp., Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority, Incheon Development & Transformation Corp., etc
Regional Specialization & Festivals
The local governments hold unique local festivals. In Korea, big festivals are held each year on traditionally important days and villagers often participate in them. In addition, smaller festivals are well developed in each region. Local governments and residents cooperate to hold festivals each year. They sometimes even prepare for festivals-e.g. making Gama (Korean traditional sedan) well before the festival day.. In addition to these festivals, Specialized products in each region also contribute to attracting tourists. We benchmark regions that attract tourists and promote local businesses through various specialized products. WE will visit Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, Seoul Int’l Fireworks Festival, Boryeong Mud Festival, Jeju Canola Flower Festival, Paju Jangdan Flower Festival, etc. and also visit implementing agencies to learn their know-how on planning and implementing the festivals.
Development of Competiveness for Farming/Fishing Villages
The farming and fishing towns of Korea have problems such as the decreasing youth population and aging residents and a shortage of jobs. However, Korea is making various efforts to strengthen the competitiveness of farming and fishing regions through the development of diverse hands-on experience programs and promoting organizations for the interchange between city and farming and fishing towns. We benchmark cases of Japan, which are developing new forms of farming and exploring different ways to connect regional specialized goods with tourism products. We will visit Korea Rural Community Corp., Rural Development Corp. Agricultural Research & Extension, Korea Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Technology, etc.