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[INNOVATION &CS (Mainly Seoul)]
Reason for Selection : Electronics Industry has advanced through continuous innovations from the discovery of electricity to the latest smart devices. See the results of the development that Samsung Electronics has led in the fields of semiconductor, display, and mobile IT.
Summary :
- Company Name : Samsung Electronics / - Field of Business : Electronics & Semiconductor, etc. / - Location : Yeongton-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do / - CEO : Yoon-tae Lee / - Date of Foundation : Jan, 1969. / Sales: 6.1 trillion won / No. of Employees : Approx. 11,600
Human life has advanced whenever great inventors and numerous electronics companies put forth new technology and products. The invention of Radio and TV has brought about the development of mass media and telecommunications & semiconductor technology has caused a revolution in production, distribution, and consumption. Likewise, electronics industry is a foundation as well as a partner for the human development of civilization. And the history of electronics industry is a record that shows human response to challenges and desire for new values. Samsung Innovation Museum consists of the age of inventors, the age of company innovation and the age of creation and shows the fruits of the advancement that Samsung has led in the fields of semiconductor, display, and mobile IT. And lastly we will present Samsung’s determination to endeavor to make the future more bountiful by reviving the meaning and values of its innovations.
Reason for Selection : Everland is Korea’s representative theme park resort with a history of 40 years. It consists of various festivals and attractions, zoo and botanical garden. Everland offers the best entertainment to customers through its varied facilities and services. We will benchmark against the company’s customer service management. for delivering happiness valued in our hearts.
Summary :
Name of Company : EVERLAND RESORT / Date of Establishment: 1976 / CEO : Bong-young Kim / Location : Yongin, Gyeonggido / No. of Employees : 5,060
The name of Everland consists of the word “ever,” meaning eternity and livelines, and the word “land”, symbolizing nature and warmth. Everland Resort started in 1976 as "Jayeon Nongwon," which roughly means "Natural Farm,” and has been leading the leisure culture until the present time. Everland, part of Everland Resort, is a global theme park comprised of various festivals and attractions, zoo and botanical garden. The theme park provides its customers with the best entertainment and services such as five theme zones, festivals changing according to season, the latest attractions, etc.
3. Amore Pacific
Reason for Selection : : For a more beautiful world, Amore has taken a great leap from a Korea’s local cosmetics company to a global leading enterprise, competing against companies of advanced countries in the global cosmetics market. We will hear Amore’s success story. The company is highly rated for its high quality product competitiveness, capacity for developing new products, R&D, and marketing strategies.
Since its foundation in 1945, Amore Pacific has dedicated itself to realizing its vision for being the Asian Beauty Creator to bring the essence of Asia’s beauty to the world.
Summary :
Name of Company : AMORE PACIFIC / Date of Foundation : Sept, 1945 / Location of Headquarters : Yongsan-gu, Seoul/Suwon Gyeonggido / No. of Employees : 4737
Amore Pacific established Korea’s first research lab for cosmetics and conducted intensive research on Asia’s natural cosmetic ingredients and developed technology as well as products that best fit the skin and exported cosmetics for the first time in Korea, leading Korea’s cosmetics industry. From the 1990s, Amore carried out global brand strategies and began to be known to global customers. Having opened R&D centers in China and France, Amore Pacific is currently bringing its various global brands not only to Asia e.g. China, North East Asia and Japan but to North America and Europe. Now, Amore Pacific is preparing for another leap towards “Great Global Brand Company” , which creates beauty that changes the world. Amore is committing to continuously developing diverse brands and innovative products that meet the preferences of customers across the world.
4. Shinsegae (Shinsegae Department Store, E-MART, etc.)
Reason for Selection : A living proof of the history of Korea’s retailing and distribution, Shinsegae started as a department store and is maximizing customer satisfaction as it presents a new paradigm for distribution, including discount stores, premium outlets, etc.
Summary :
Date of Foundation: 1955 / Location: Sogongro, Joong-gu, Seoul / No. of Employees : 3,386 / Fields of Business : Department Stores / Discount Stores, Outlet Malls
Introduction of Company
Founded in 1955, Shinsegae manages comprehensive retail business. It was separated from Samsung Group in 1991 and officially started as an independent corporation on April 16th, 1997. A parent company, Shinsegae Corporation was created as it opened its Gyeongseong branch of Mitsukoshi, predecessor of Shinsegae department store, in Oct. 1930. As Shinsegae was integrated into Samsung Group, it acquired Donghwa department store and changed its name to Shinsegae department store in Nov. the same year. In 1969, Shinsegae started Korea’s first credit card business. In 1983, it acquired Westin Chosun Hotel and is running Starbucks Korea, etc.
Challenges of Innovative Distribution Company- Fashion & Lifestyle Shopping mall: Complex Specialized Store
Shinsegae Group recently opened “E-Mart Town” in Ilsan, located near Seoul and set up various specialized stores such as Electromart (a new form of integrated home appliances store) and The Life (home furnishing specialty store targeting the Korean living environment filled with apartment buildings). Shinsegae is making wide-ranging efforts to strengthen core competencies through selection and concentration and is establishing itself as Korea’s best distribution group. Currently, the company is trying its best to transform itself as a innovative distribution company through the department store’s large scale store project, complex shopping mall, and the strengthening of online business capacity.
5. LG Chem
Reason for Selection : World’s No.1 Rechargeable Battery Maker – LG Chem is a top chemical company that leads the world’s market for basic materials and information electronic materials through ceaseless technological development and release of new products, and the world’s best energy efficiency and quality innovations. LG Chem’s potential lies in its never-ending improvement of production sites and innovations.
Summary :
Date of Foundation : 1947 / Location : Yeouido, / Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul / No. of Employees : 14,280 / Fields of Business : Chemical Industrial Materials, Basic Materials, etc.
Introduction of Company
1LG Chem (LG 化學) is Korea’s No.1 chemical producer (based on sales figures). According to ICIS, LG Chem ranked world’s 15th in 2012. The company was established as Lucky Chemical Industrial Corporation in 1947 and is stably growing as it engages in business fields such as information electronic materials and rechargeable battery businesses based on petrochemical business.
LG Chem –World’s 15th Global Chemical Company, Capable of Producing Batteries for 10,000 Sonata Sendans A Day.
LG Chem had an annual production volume of 8.5 mil. cells when it started Ochang Plant 1 in 2009. Since then, the the company’s production volume rose nearly 6 times as it continued to expand the plant. During this period, the number of employees increased from 210 to 1420, and its business partners from 26 to 80. LG Chem expects electric-car battery sales to hit 1.2 trillion won this year, 70% up from the previous year (approx. 700 bil. won) If things go as expected, the company’s sales will increase 20 times given the 2009 sales was 60 bil. won. Having successfully established Ochang Plant1, LG Chem has built electric-car battery production plants in Holland, America (2012) and in Nanjing, China (2015), forming a global triangle production system. As a result, LG Chem is recognized as the World’s best electric-car battery company.
6. Gyeongbokgung Palace
Reason for Selection : The Gyeongbokgung Palace represents the Joseon Dynasty and today’s Seoul, center of politics, economy, and culture of Korea. One can feel the breath of history through historical facts, historic relics and buildings, and infer the future from this.
Summary :
Region : Jongro-gu, Seoul / Date of Foundation: 1395
The main royal palace of the Joseon Dynasty located in Sejong-ro, Jongro-gu, Seoul The Joseon Dynasty was initially established in Gaegyeong (present-day Kaesong), capital of the preceding dynasty Goryeo. Joseon lasted for 518 years from 1392 to 1910 with 23 kings on the throne. Those who usurped power from Goryeo could not easily turn people’s hearts from the previous dynasty toward the new dynasty. And their internal conflict with the existing powers caused political unrest. Thus for the new dynasty, establishing a new capital was an urgent matter. In August, 1394, Taejo, the founder of Joseon, stopped by Namgyeon on his way back from Muak. While staying at a temporary palace in the city, he set the city as the new capital city of Joseon (Hanyang). Upon establishing Hanyang (present-day Seoul) as the new capital city, Taejo left Gaegyeong and arrived in Hanyang on August 28th. With no Jongmyo Shrine or main palace built yet, Taejo started administering the affairs of state at a guest house. This expedited the building of a new main palace and the palace was completed approx. on Sept 25, 1395. Thus, the Gyeongbogung Palace, the first palace of the Joseon Dynasty, came into being.
[Incheon Area(Automobile,Machinery,Metals)]
1. Daehan Solution Co., Ltd.
Reason for Selection : Daehan Solution is a high potential company boasting Korea’s best technology and carrying out total engineering from the development phase of an automobile through to its final production, thereby reducing the noise inside and outside of an automobile,
Company Overview : Prioritizing humans and the environment, Daehan Solution is a high potential company that conducts system engineering related to NVH (Vibration/Noise) of an automobile and that designs, develops, and manufactures auto parts. The company acquired ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949 certification and seeks customer satisfaction by cooperating with automobile makers for the advancement of the auto industry. Also Daehan is making great efforts to enter the US auto market by establishing a corporation in Georgia .The company has established local corporations in China, Indonesia, and Malaysia to lead in other Asian markets.
2. Dongbo Co., Ltd.
Reason for Selection : Dongbo boasts a 50-year history and specializes in automobile engines and transmission parts. “Customer Satisfaction, Quality First, Field-Centered” make up the basis of its management philosophy, enabling Dongbo to lead in Korea’s auto parts manufacturing market.
Company Overview : Dongbo, a company with a long history, plays an important role in enhancing the value of an automobile by investing actively in the development of new products. The company maintains a high level quality and production system, thereby raising the values of its customers that use its final products. Dongbo possesses plants in Gyeongju, Changwon, and Asan in addition to its headquarters. The company creates value for its customers such as Hyundai/Kia Motors, GM, Renault Samsung, etc.
3. Yushin Precision Co., ltd.
Reason for Selection : Through distinct and specialized quality management, YSP has provided parts for Hyundai Motors as its primary parts provider since 1978. Also from 2001, it started providing parts for TRW in America.
Company Overview : Under the motto of “Creative Craftsman, Best Quality, Talent Development”, YSP is a automobile press parts company that dedicates itself to going beyond customer satisfaction to move customers. The company is expanding its business not only in the domestic market but also in North and South America. Having succeeded in independently producing a carbon steel heat treatment, which had been mainly imported, YSP is providing the products for Hyundai and Kia Motors as their primary partner and received the Grandprix in the field of technology from the SME Special Committee directly under the President of South Korea for its new manufacturing methodology aimed at achieving high quality together with cost reduction.
4. Hyundai Steel Co., Ltd.
Reason for Selection : Korea’s first steel company, Hyundai Steel is committing to developing next generation steel sheets for future cars as a company specializing in automobile materials.
Company Overview : Starting as Korea’s first steel company in 1953, for the past fifty years, Hyundai Steel has led the technological development in the field of electric furnaces and contributed to the development of the national economy. Hyundai also built an integrated steel mill for the first time as a private company and possesses the world’s best product portfolio as a global company. Hyundai provides advanced products and services based on its internal and external cooperation as an eco-friendly and recycling-oriented company and has a vision for leading a new era of the steel industry by achieving the highest competitiveness.
5. Doosan Infracore
Reason for Selection : To fulfill its vision of becoming one of the top 3 global machinery companies by 2020, Doosan is building and running a customer-oriented quality management system. It is also carrying out various quality management practices across the entire value chain from product and parts development to manufacturing and sales.
Company Overview : �Doosan is growing as a global company that always provides customer satisfaction beyond customers’ expectation by providing distinguished products and services through continuous changes and innovations. Doosan produces world class quality medium and large excavators, multi-tasking machine tools, skid-steer loader, portable air compressors,, power unites, and engines for power generation. Doosan possesses a large scale sales network of over 1,200 dealerships in about 140 countries based on its 19 production facilities across the world and 38 corporations and branch offices and 9 research facilities.
6. YG-1
Reason for Selection : With global No.1 competitiveness in end mill production, YG-1 is a high potential cutting tool making company whose major market is the US and that has secured global quality competitiveness through the diversification of its products.
Company Overview : A small, but strong world class company, since its foundation in 1981, the company was recognized internationally first before doing so in Korea, through its concentration and specialization based on top talent and technology. Developing into Korea’s number one and one of world’s top five cutting tool companies, the company puts the benefits of customers first based on its talent and technology and is a future-oriented company that values creative and innovative thinking.
7. Songdo IBD
Reason for Selection : The Korean Government is trying to establish Incheon as an economic hub of North-East Asia. One can experience a cutting edge planned city from global business to logistics, distribution, leisure, and cultural industries and future-oriented changes.
Summary :
Name of Region: Incheon Free Economic zone / Date of Establishment : August, 2003 / Location: Songdo, Incheon / Planned Population: 526,000 / Project Prieod: 2003~2020
Incheon is a starting point for the west coast area that constitutes the backbone of the national development and economic/industrial development and is located in the gateway to Seoul and its surrounding areas that make up a large-scale market of 23 mil people. Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) is 8km away from the downtown Incheon and is 50km away from the downtown Seoul and nears the Incheon Port and can be accessed within 60 to 90 mins from major cities in the surrounding areas of Seoul. As a global hub for advanced knowledge-based service industry, IFEZ is establishing foundation for industrial and innovative clusters of convergence of technology through the integration of BIO industry, education, research Facilities, cultural tourism, and MICE industry and is becoming a high quality cultural tourism site through the building of art center, concert hall for rock and popular music and leisure facilities near the waters.
8. Chinatown
Reason for Selection : Chinatown symbolizes the modernization of Korea in the 1900s. One can feel the breath of history through historical facts about the days of the opening of the port and historic relics and buildings, and also infer the future from this.
Summary :
-Name of Region : Chinatown in Incheon / Date of Establishment : in 1884 / Location : Joongu, Incheon.
The Chinatown found in Incheon was formed as the Incheon port was opened in 1883 and designated as an extraterritorial territory for Qing. In the past, the streets were flanked by stores selling imported goods from China but now the streets are full of Chinese restaurants. Red signs and lanterns, restaurants and products on display are mainly Chinese. But behind this bright and splendid appearance of various eats and sights of the area is a history of Chinese expats who underwent hard times but have striven to maintain the Chinese in the area. According to the Korean government’s local specialization development special district, the city of Incheon and Joong-gu district office have recently designated this area as a special tourism district and intensively developed this area by investing the budgets of both the central government and local government.
*The above is a sample itinerary. We can re-design the itinerary upon our customers’ request.