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Education Program
KSA is annually providing 40,000 company workers with education on quality, production, leadership, etc. KSA offers the education that companies need.
KSA Industrial Education
People are the foundation of a company. For the last 50 years, KSA has been conducting various kinds of education for the improvement of quality and production. Such efforts enabled the production of high quality Korean products. KSA can offer education on varied fields such as quality production, and leadership, which will shed light on the origin of Korea’s competitiveness. Customized education can be offered on the fields/subjects that your company desires in addition to a sample program seen below.
Specific Content (Sample)
Courses Objectives Specific Content of Courses Recommended Hours
Quality Improvement and Implementation Methods

Preparation for Global Competition through the sharing of values and philosophy concerning quality

■ understanding changes and innovation

■ practicing quality management & customer  satisfaction

■ 16 principles and skills for successful quality management .


Plant Innovation 5S &

Management Seen with Eyes

Improvement of management skills and worksite waste reduction for plant innovation

■ quality innovation and Implementation of  3 R5S principles (3R: right specifications, right place, right quantity /  5S: sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain

■  process waste reduction and pursuit of efficiency


Immediately Applicable Improvement Activities for Solving Workplace Issues.

Acquiring effective improvement skills necessary for worksite improvement

■ environmental demands for company innovation activities and responses

■ discovery of ideas for improving worksites

Changes and Innovative Leadership

Taking lead in the management  of individuals and organization

■  changes of management environment change and control

■ pushing for changes of individuals and organization/acting as an innovative leader


Know-how’s on worksite improvement taught by quality masters.

Learning Quality Innovation Skill

■ overview of worksite innovation activates

■ activities for remedial  & prevention of recurrence

Smart Factory Implementation Strategy

Understanding of Smart Factory and Plant Management Innovation

■ next generation industrial revolution and understanding of Smart Factory

■ supply chain management  optimization

*The above is a sample itinerary. We can re-design the itinerary upon our customers’ request.